Making the most
of your post

We've only gone and found the best use of twitter when it comes to utilising its ability to connect to stars and celebs! .

Check Them Out!

Easy To Setup

Once installed twitograph will take your installed twitter account from your mobile phone and add it to the twitograph loveliness, even your great great gran could do it!

Completely Unique

Twitograph is unique, its a never been done before. Its is the most original, useful and rewarding use of your personal twitter account ever ever ever!

Share the love

If you are so lucky to get a tweet into your twitograph app from someone you love like or admire , why not brag about it, tell your friends. The more we grow twitograph the better response we will get.

From anywhere

If you have the app , no matter where you are in the world you can get a personal message , that can be printed out, from quite literally anyone f the 70 million users on twitter including celebrities, sports stars and even world leaders.

More fun from twitter

Receiving a tweet from someone famous is a lottery.. but if you get one then download your certificate fromthe app, email it, print it and share it... or simply keep it on your phone, Cool bragging rights!

Twitograph HD!

Purchase in app a beautifully designed , hologrammed and validated certificate straight from us. Printed on high quality certificate sheet and hologrammed and validated by us. Let it take pride of place in your bedroom!

Twitograph ...what's so special?

Twitter is great isn't it?

Well we've made it better.

If you get a text from Harry of 1D or David Cameron what are you gonna do with it? Keep it on your phone ? Tell your friends? That my friends is a twitograph. What if you could take that tweet , put it on your wall at home for all to see? The twitograph app lets you do just that. Once you get the response from your twitter hero or heroine then twitograph allows you to create a beautiful, high definiton certificate, that can be verified and checked for authenticity by its unique serial ID online. Print your certificate and cover your walls in your virtual autographs becoming the envy of your friends ... who will try to replicate your success!

We are a small team...with big ideas!

Gus Goodall

Founder, CEO & Go-To Guy

Innovator and general geek, Social Media Guru and inventor of Twitograph. Gus is a Mac man.. An ex Soldier of 22 years and producer of infinitely great ideas. He runs the ship!


Darren Eadie

Making It Happen

Ex Norwich City and Leicester footballing legend, Darren is devoted to making peoples life a little better . An ambassador for the Princes Trust and Founder of Sellebrity Charity auctions he's an all round damn good egg!


Matt Garrod

Almighty Developer

There will one day be a book written about this guy, developer in everything from HTML to IOS Matt is a legend. HE turns the cogs and plugs the power into twitograph


Korinna Howie

Sales and figures gal

Korinna is our ideas dynamo, lover of all things social and our ear to the ground. As well as Managing the Sellebrity empire she can often be found loitering around the coffee machine with a cup in one hand and twitter in the other.


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